Poems from Huahine: 2011

*These Old Bones

February 23, 2011

LLyn De Danaan

With these old bones I cast a shallow net.

I draw no fishes in with my desire.

Yet there were some I caught with perfect set

whose sleek and lissome flesh I would devour.

Let fish be fish and piddle on their way

Let old bones drift and spin another day

Let shadows of regret all drift away.

I saw a mermaid once upon the sea

I drew my barque up near beside her perch

We laughed and danced together on the lee

A false protection for our hours of mirth

My heart strode nimbly through her flowing hair

It galloped gladly far into her lair

I cantered on until I was ensnared.

But wanton play must end with grudging grin

A lapse, harsh word, or sepulchral neglect

A quick and loose regard for skin on skin

Transmorgrified relation: disrespect

So these old bones are happy with canned fish

A dab of mayonnaise satisfies each wish

A caper here and there makes a fine dish.

*Based on and Inspired by a Study of Theodore Roethke