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LLyn De Danaan is an anthropologist and author. She writes fiction and nonfiction. Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay was published by the University of Nebraska Press. She is currently a speaker for Humanities Washington.

A Wall is not a Fence

A wall is not a fence  A fence is not a wall. A wall keeps feared things hidden.   It is tallAnd solidAnd allowsno lightTo pass A fence is a suggestion. Heed or not.   A wire or two,  Some … Continue reading

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Going to Seed

Going to Seed I’ve let the dandelions grow, and there are plenty.  No more than buttercups, nor more than peonies.  The lavender has jumped untended borders.  I do not care. I’ve given up on order. Still, bees and butterflies don’t … Continue reading

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Borrego A boney bunch they are, Toe-tipping, teetering, and wary, toddling over slender self-made paths. Horned-selves parading high above the dappled desert floor, above the stalagmitic honey-caves adorned with combs the size of boars and sticky-drip-traps. Above, they tramp. Above … Continue reading

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A Personal Narrative: The Peace Corps’ First Two Years in Sarawak 1962-1964

This essay was first published in spring 2018 in the Borneo Research Bulletin. It was written after an invitation from the editor of the Bulletin, Clifford Sather, for an edition of the Bulletin meant to focus on the early days of … Continue reading

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Dream: April 3, 2018

I’m draped in cedar Woven cedar And a hat   She leads me Because I cannot go without her   It is for me to honor others, For me to walk with grace   And, yet, still, I search for … Continue reading

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She Hears What She Wants to Hear

Olive or Twist Oliver Twist Freeze Dried Potatoes Free Stride Potatoes Her mind is an open range chicken Off on its own Scrambling in the dirt for worms or kitchen scraps No leash, no fences Wearing little lace-up trainers Off it … Continue reading

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Humanities Washington Talk

Next scheduled talk is October 17, 2018 in Olympia  

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Talk March 29 2 P.M. Mason County Historical Society Museum….

In Shelton. Humanities Washington presentation by LLyn De Danaan. Topic: What Does it Mean to be Human?

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Baja Journey–March 2018

Baja Travels   March 2018       Malice Point   A shard of land Aimed carefully Ready to be flung Or sprung Or catapulted   Or thrust into a bay Where bones of whaling vessels Molder Or vessels meant … Continue reading

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Yes, Stephanie, There is a Santa Claus

Yes, Stephanie, There is a Santa Claus LLyn De Danaan September 2017 Years ago, maybe two decades back, my parents, Doris and Bill Patterson, were interviewed for a study Stephanie Coontz was making on parenting in the post-war era. I … Continue reading

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