A Wall is not a Fence

A wall is not a fence 
A fence is not a wall.
A wall keeps feared things hidden.

It is tallAnd solidAnd allowsno lightTo pass

A fence is a suggestion.

Heed or not.

A wire or two, 
Some bits of string.

Two creatures, a pair of dogs let’s say, 
On either side of it can see the other,
Say hello or sing.

A bee   can    fly    right    through it.   Sting.

A wall is scaled 

A fence is snipped, 
Ducked under. 
A tongue can be stuck through it. Weeds clipped. 
Feathers and bubbles can be blown. 

On either side of walls, we sit with the unknown. 
With fences, everything is clear. And dear.

A fence supports sweet peas 

Or beans or holly hocks in rows. 

But on a wall, well,

Nothing grows.

About Llyn De Danaan

LLyn De Danaan is an anthropologist and author. She writes fiction and nonfiction. Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay was published by the University of Nebraska Press. She is currently a speaker for Humanities Washington.
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