For Our Short Fiction Class: Creative Responses to the Stories

You have been given tools for analysis (the YouTube videos) and these will be useful to prepare for our brief Zoom discussions or responses you send to me or each other. But consider more creative responses: These, too, may be shared with all of us via email:

1. Create a question related to one of your stories for the week. Write it down. Then take a reflective walk outside (keeping social distance) and really just think about that question. When you get home, write down the things that have come to you as you’ve thought about the question.
2. Write about something in one of the stories that struck you in a personal way: an incident, person, or something that connected with you and your life. Write an essay, a short fiction, a poem…whatever seems appropriate to you.
3. Make a collage in response to one of the stories. If you are able, take a photograph of it and attach to your email to all of us…with some brief title or name of story you are responding to.
4. Create a visualization: a map, a diagram, a chart or whatever in response to a story. As above, if able, photograph and send out to us all.

About Llyn De Danaan

LLyn De Danaan is an anthropologist and author. She writes fiction and nonfiction. Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay was published by the University of Nebraska Press. She is currently a speaker for Humanities Washington.
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