Sam Patch’s Last Jump

During the night, I was besotted with thoughts and words and images as, outside, I could hear birds shrieking (a woman crying?)….and I thought about Sam Patch.

Sam Patch’s Last Jump*

I didn’t change the litter.

The garbage sits by the kitchen door.

They’ll find those love letters

I should have burned long ago.

So many things I should have done.

No time now to tidy up.

The loose ends

Will snake together

And make a final knot

No thanks to me.

*Sam Patch, the “Yankee Leaper” was an ex mill worker who made his living jumping off high spots. He died jumping 125 feet into the Genesee River in 1829.


About Llyn De Danaan

LLyn De Danaan is an anthropologist and author. She writes fiction and nonfiction. Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay was published by the University of Nebraska Press. She is currently a speaker for Humanities Washington.
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