Romance of the Village of Solución

August 20, 2013

Next chapter added today. Click on the link on the mast head called Romance of the Village of Solución.

A note on the book:

This novel was begun and  written in 2001-2002. I have returned to it for rewrites and substantial revisions between other projects. Now I am in what I  consider to be a final edit process…before submitting it. Meanwhile, as I edit each new chapter, I’ll post them here as blog posts. They will be numbered.  You’ll need to go to the masthead for the introduction and first two entries. But the others will be here. I’m hoping I have some readers and I welcome comments through messages on Facebook.


About Llyn De Danaan

LLyn De Danaan is an anthropologist and author. She writes fiction and nonfiction. Katie Gale: A Coast Salish Woman's Life on Oyster Bay was published by the University of Nebraska Press. She is currently a speaker for Humanities Washington.
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